Friday, March 9, 2012

waking up to renoir

There is a small Renoir poster, and I bought it so I could safely forget about it.

Can you dance?

If the lights are low,
And the room is spinning,

Spinning out of my hand
Into a whirl of hearts and limbs

Would you care to walk with me awhile?

Yes, please, if you'll take it slow and laugh at me and, a little at you
If you'll walk in silence, and talk only a little, if you won't scare me with intensity.
I can walk, but I get lost in my own thoughts sometimes, take it lightly
I'm terrible at storytelling, and gifted at bad jokes
But the stories get better when we've walked a little, when I've grown less conscious of you, receded back into me

You're awfully quiet today

I'm just sole-tired,
And winded from spinning around the room
I wanted to go home, just now
I just want it to be time to leave
So I can tell you what a great time I had,
And we'll meet again

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