Wednesday, March 2, 2011


"If you walk down the street, in New York, for a few blocks you get this gargantuan feeling of buildings and if you walk all day you'll be on the verge of tears. But you have to walk all day to get that sensation. What I mean is, if you write all day you'll get into it, into your body, into your feelings, into your consciousness....."

-Howl the Movie

Electrifying your bones, seeping into your marrow like cold, chilblains working like shock receptors in your fingers and toes, stiffening your neck into immovability and concentration, narrowing your eyes to a typewriter's precision, deforming the font into one adopted by newsprint, fueling the words into a reporter's truth, tapping into a fluid, pungent reality, tweezing strands to create stick figure representations, coughing up enough phlegm to give breath to stone, purging through finger pricks till madness's howl has coagulated to form a coat either of rust or sheen. And then you must do it over and empty yourself again.

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